Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recorder Time!!!

The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have been having fun and working hard, playing their recorders.    Some of the songs and other recorder resources will be available on the Jefferson Recorder Music page which you can get to by clicking here, or by using the link on the right side of this page (hint:  It's under the heading "Important Links!!)  Students will need to sign in to the page using their school login information (the same way you login to the Chromebooks at school).

Read on, for more of what each grade is doing with recorders.

3rd Grade
The 3rd graders are beginning to learn how to play recorders this year.  They are focusing on playing the notes BAG.  Even though this didn't seem like a lot, the students are quickly realizing how much they need to know in order to play songs using only three pitches.  Ask your child some of the things they need to know and remember in order to play their recorders!

4th Grade
The 4th graders have begun reviewing the notes BAG that they learned from last year and have added on high C and high D.  They have been using their recorders to accompany songs that they can sing along too.  They have also combined their recorders with other instruments including drums, boomwhackers and triangles to accompany songs.  Ask your child about their "Can Can" project which required them to work in really big groups to work on an accompaniment for the song!

5th Grade
The 5th graders have begun Recorder Karate.  Students have an opportunity to earn belts by learning and playing a variety of songs.  All students have already earned their white belts and many have also earned their yellow belts.  Ask your child what they need to do in order to earn all the belts!

While playing the recorder we are working with the following learning targets...
I can...
Perform a rhythm pattern using quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, half notes and whole notes.
Read a rhythm pattern using ta, ti-ti, ta-ah, and ta-ah-ah-ah from traditional notation.
Students will identify, read, and perform melodies using the notes on the staff starting with B-A-G.

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